Monthly Resource Collection May 2021

My newest obsession (aside from quitting coffee- which is going amazing by the way) is learning about how beauty, health, and wellness spaces have been colonized and therefore systematically made inaccessible to many people because of varying identities. I’ve been seriously studying this topic because it inherently intersects with just about every “ism.” As a… Continue reading Monthly Resource Collection May 2021

My Top 10 FAVORITE VEGAN Makeup Products

Shop all my vegan favorites and support my small business at by simply clicking the photos below. 💞🌱 These are truly my personal favorites that I use almost daily. I’ve worked hard over the years to curate a specific collection of brands at Two Beauties Skin + Makeup (the business I own) that I… Continue reading My Top 10 FAVORITE VEGAN Makeup Products

Answering My Own Women in Business Questions: Part 3

The Things I Ask Everyone: 1) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten? I already mentioned “you teach people how to treat you” in last week’s interview. So, I’ll share another incredibly influential piece of advice. “Give yourself the emotional permission to create more time.”Rory Vaden For the first time in my life,… Continue reading Answering My Own Women in Business Questions: Part 3