Any Day Now Part 2

Please note: Strong trigger warning for the topic of abortion. The first thing I had to do was pee in a cup. Obviously, That way they know you’re pregnant. I’m like, that plus sign on those three tests showed up immediately, so there is no way this is a mistake, but do what you’ve gotta… Continue reading Any Day Now Part 2

Any Day Now Part 1

Please Note: Strong trigger warning for the topic of abortion. Did you know that a fetus has fingernails? The real question should be: why does it matter? I’m scanning through my journal for snippets to help me remember how everything felt back then. Almost two years ago I quit caffeine to balance my hormones. A… Continue reading Any Day Now Part 1

Monthly Resource Collection May 2021

My newest obsession (aside from quitting coffee- which is going amazing by the way) is learning about how beauty, health, and wellness spaces have been colonized and therefore systematically made inaccessible to many people because of varying identities. I’ve been seriously studying this topic because it inherently intersects with just about every “ism.” As a… Continue reading Monthly Resource Collection May 2021