Guest Feature: Soni López-Chávez @soni_artist

Today’s guest is Soni Lopez-Chavez or @soni_artist, a creative that I discovered on Instagram. I have become obsessed with her artwork and inspiring social media posts, which speak to me on a deep level as a Mexican American woman. With her permission, I am sharing a bit about her (directly from her website), and will show you some of my favorite pieces that she created. I hope you enjoy!



My favorite prints so far:

Plant Love

This print sits in my meditation corner and reminds me of our place in this universe as humans. We are surrounded by nature and simultaneously part of that same energy.

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For me, this piece represents womanhood and the immense strength we channel through our intuition, connection to nature, and empathy.

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My Truth

I feel instant warmth from this piece because to me it represents feminine love and beauty. In all of it’s forms, that truth changes the world.

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I love this piece because I see myself in it. Plain and simple. Doing my makeup, listening to Selena, and enjoying my favorite snacks. Classic.

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I plan to frame the rest and display them in my office. I’ll make sure to give you all a tour once it’s finished!

Sensi Magazine Freelance Work

Happy Saturday!

For those of you that follow The Real Life Vegan Wife regularly, you may be aware that one of my 2019 goals was to start this blog and to freelance for at least one other publication. My intention was to start spending real time with writing again, and to contribute in a positive way to my local community. In 2020, my goal remains similar. Just keep doing things that I enjoy or find interesting, write about them, and keep sharing them with you.

Every day I’m grateful for the opportunities these goals have presented. Here are my latest articles in Sensi Magazine: Emerald Triangle that showcase some awesome local businesses!



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Vida Sana Studio:

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Hatchet House:


I had to throw this feature in for good measure! My take on my favorite vegan carrot cake recipe from the Six Vegan Sisters blog. Enjoy! (And yes, that is actually the cake I baked.)

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