I’m Taking A Break

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to drop in to let my readers know that I will be taking a break from blogging until further notice. I hope this means I will only step away for a couple of weeks, maybe a month. But truthfully I’m not sure.

When I write, it comes from a place of excitement, passion, and a need to communicate and share interesting ideas. Right now my mind is too preoccupied, and quite honestly, too stressed to capacity to produce content I would be happy and proud to share with you.

Due to Covid-19, and the shelter in place order in California, my brick and mortar business had to close down one week ago. Currently I am working around the clock to streamline the retail side of my spa and makeup studio in order to keep some revenue coming in. This is a terrifying time for small business owners- myself included. I toggle minute to minute between positivity and depression. Gratefulness and sadness. Hope and pride in our local community’s resilience and fear of losing my life’s work in an instant.

I need to care for myself, and focus my energy in specific areas. I will continue writing when I feel driven to do so, and will hopefully share again with you soon.

Thank you for reading.


The Real Life Vegan Wife

2 thoughts on “I’m Taking A Break”

  1. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for letting us know.

    I understand these are tough times. Everybody is scared for the future. Nevertheless, I would suggest you to step back a bit, even if it’s only for a few hours and introspect: why is this taking place in the first place?

    All of our life’s hard work we did could be destroyed by an pandemic or anything else. Nevertheless, it’s only a healthy, better version of us who can make it all work later.

    I completely empathise with you. I was laid off two weeks back. I’m a student living independently with hardly any cash left to fund my living expenses in London.

    Using this time for reading more, approaching my flatmates and having coffee with them is some of the best activities that are helping me. Hope these help you as well.

    Stay safe and sane love 🙂
    This to shall pass


    1. Hi Salonie,

      Thank you so much for reading, and I’m so sorry to hear about your job.

      As a vegan and someone who generally tries to understand how my actions impact others and the planet, I have taken countless hours for introspection. Never ending hours of introspection in fact. Not just because of this pandemic, but because I struggle to understand how little we as humans recognize our interconnectedness with each other and every other being on this planet. It literally keeps me up at night.

      For me personally, I think this is taking place because of that selfish blind spot (or intentional ignorance) we’ve let consume us all; we’ve let our own selfish needs dictate what’s most important. Exploiting animals, the earth’s resources, and other people for selfish gains is why I believe this is happening in the first place.

      My fear is that we will not learn and evolve as we should, but continue on this destructive path with only surface level, superficial change.

      I’m by no means perfect, but I’m trying. It frustrates me when I see so many people not trying, or not recognizing how one action by one person DOES change reality.

      My hope is that other people might start to recognize that their choices matter. And that we all (myself included) critically look at how our actions have impacts, and adjust them accordingly. That we might make the connection that for better or worse, we are all interconnected and dependent on each other in this world. And that the welfare of all beings should be valued above all else.

      Stay safe. Xx

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