Current Fitness Faves

Today we’re keeping it simple and to-the-point with my favorite and most essential fitness at-home equipment, clothing, and supplements. I hope you all enjoy this list and get a good workout in using my suggestions. Meanwhile, I’ll be categorizing and pulling reports for my accountant today, living the reality that sometimes you have to prioritize business over all else because taxes are forever. See you next week!


At-Home Fitness Equipment:

  • A Durable, Versatile, and Effective Set of Resistance Bands & My Personal Favorite When Working the Glutes:

The X-Bands 12” Booty Building Bands Deluxe Full Set of 5 $34.99

  • Any Resistance Band Set with a Door Anchor, Handles, And Ankle Straps. The set I purchased has up to 150 pounds of customizable resistance and is great for doing kickbacks, leg lifts, and all types of arm exercises. The exact set I purchased is no longer available, but this one looks almost identical.

MPOW 150 LBS Resistance Bands Set $21.99

  • Dumbbells. If you don’t want to invest in a whole collection, get a set that’s easy for you right now, a set that is challenging but doable, and a heavy set. That way you have a variety, and something to work up to. If you’re unsure what weight to get, I started with 5 pounds (easy), 10 pounds (doable), and 20 pounds (challenging still, depending on the exercise). I also prefer the neoprene coated, so they’re easier for me to grip, if they’re available.

CAP Barbell Neoprene Coated Dumbbells (Pair) / CAP Rubber Coated Dumbbell Weights

5 Pound $9.99

10 Pound $19.29

20 Pound $30.68

  • A Barbell. I know this may seem unnecessary, daunting, and somewhat “advanced” but this smaller barbell was the tool I used to seriously help me get stronger at home, and is a great goal to work up to. I could barely lift it at all when I first started working out, but now it’s something I use when I need to do a ton of reps, or I’m too lazy to work with our larger one that we now have at home. It’s my easy barbell. It’s extremely convenient to have, and small and compact. I got 50 pounds because I wanted it to be heavier than any dumbbell sets I had bought, and wanted to challenge myself with squats, lunges, hip thrusts, glute bridges, and deadlifts. I will probably invest in a 75 pound at some point, just because I love the convenience.

York Barbell 26146 Rubber Fixed Pro Straight Barbell – 50 Pounds $137.37

  • Squat Pad. If you’re going to be using a barbell, and don’t want to bruise your hip bones, or hurt your shoulders, I suggest getting a Squat Pad. The one I bought is no longer available, but this one is almost identical.

Pro Fitness NewAge Fitness Barbell Squat Pad $12.95

  • Lastly, get yourself a jump rope and a thick yoga mat. That way you have a way to do some indoor cardio, and something to set your weights on (or do actual yoga). I haven’t been able to find a brand that I absolutely love so I cycle through them, but I’ve found decent ones at Costco and Target that get the job done.

Fitness Clothing Favorites:

  • Leggings. I am extremely picky when it comes to the durability, length, feel, and waistband of my leggings. After purchasing what seemed like every brand available, I’ve settled on these two styles from Lululemon, that are beyond worth the investment.

Align Pant 25” – These are high rise, super soft, lightweight and I wear them for any type of activity. $98

Wunderunder High Rise 7/8 Tight – These are also high rise, but they have more compression, and the Luon fabric that I purchase these in is thicker and more cottony than Align, so I prefer to wear these for outdoor activities when it’s cold. $98

  • Tops. I am obsessed with anything Swiftly Tech by Lululemon. These tops come in every color, and every style (tank, short sleeve, long sleeve) and therefore, there’s one for every activity. They are extremely durable and come in fitted and relaxed versions. They are equipped with anti-microbial technology which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. I love running in the long sleeves because they stay in place, don’t smell, and keep you warm and simultaneously cool.

Tank: $58

Short Sleeve: $68

Long Sleeve: $78

  • Jacket. The Define Jacket by Lululemon is my favorite layer to run in. It’s flattering, fitted, and has plenty of zip pockets to store your key, card, etc. I also like that it’s ventilated. $118

  • Supportive Sports Bra. These bras are super compressive, and keep everything in place, even during extremely vigorous workouts.

Nike Women’s Swoosh Medium Support Sports Bra $30

  • Headband / Ear Warmer. Patagonia Lined Knit Headband $35

  • Shoes For Gym & Non-running Cardio Workouts.

Nike Air Presto $120

  • Shoes For Long-Distance Running & Sprinting.

Adidas Swift Run $85

  • Headphones that are comfortable, fit my ears, and rarely slip out during even the most active workouts.

Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones $149.95

Supplements I currently Use Consistently:

Most of the supplements I’ve used, and currently use are from Protein World. I find that their products are generally good quality, their prices are fair (they always have coupon codes), customer service is great, and shipping is quick.

  • Protein World Multivitamin $13.99

  • Hot Hair Capsules – I Take these to help my hair and scalp stay healthy. $24.99

  • Vegan Blend 2.0 Protein Powder $48.99

  • IBCAA – I take this as a non-caffeinated pre-workout that helps with muscle building and recovery. $27.99
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